About us

The Otto Dilg GmbH was established by Mr. Otto Dilg in 1970. The company is located in Neufahrn near Munich and is specialized in mechanical and precision engineering. Due to the development of high performance products with the highest standards of quality and an extraordinary customer orientation, the medium-sized business is today able to supply companies such as MAN, Siemens, EADS, Alcatel und BMW.

The main business area is the development and production of brushing machines and filter units which are suitable for most different production environments. Dilg GmbH belongs to one of the few companies which develop, design and produce exclusively in Germany, thereby offering highest quality “Made in Germany”. The Dilg GmbH has set new standards in its market segment by developing a brushing machine which includes two independent working levels for brushing.

The international alignment of the Dilg GmbH is supported by a distribution of different target markets. In 2006, the PTA GmbH, a leading company in clean-room technology, was taken over by the Dilg GmbH. Both companies are run by Mr. Rüdiger Dilg.

Our Service

  • Development, Design, Implementation and Start-up of specified machines as well as all-in-one solutions
  • Wide product range of machines for surface treatment (Cleaning, Brushing, Deburring)
  • Extensive services (Installation, Maintenance)
  • Service response time within 24 hours guaranteed!