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U.S. Pharmaceutical Supplier Purchases PTA WST 850 Washer for the Cleaning of Rubber Components

Mauern, 07/07/2011 – PTA and Huber Machines ( are proud to announce that another pharmaceutical washer has been sold to a well-known American company of the pharmaceutical drug safety industry. The new washer is going to be implemented and used for production in France. The main buying incentives were the WST 850 PT’s known high quality, its proven excellent efficiency and its reliability being “Made in Germany”. It is built to process up to 180 kg (< 350 liter) of rubber components.

PTA’s patented pharmaceutical washers are used to sanitize large amounts of industrial small rubber or plastic components and stand out due to their high capacity that is especially needed in large production plants. Furthermore, PTA washers are completely PLC-controlled.

Various wash cycles can be chosen depending on the goods loaded and on the customer’s needs and requirements and can be programmed individually. As rinsing, washing, drying, and – if needed – siliconizing happen in a single pass, PTA washers allow quick processing without any problems.

With regard to hygiene, PTA’s WST washers offer a well-planned concept of high level purity owing to a strict separation of the “contaminated” loading side and the “clean” unloading side. Therefore, the washers’ loading and unloading sides are integrated in separate rooms of the production plant. PTA washers offer a high-pressure cleaning process. Washing- and rinsing baths are heated indirectly to keep the temperature at a constant level.

Rüdiger Dilg, owner of PTA: “We have been cooperating with our U.S. customer since 1998. The fact that we have sold yet another washer does not only emphasize our world-wide preeminence in quality and technology of clean room and washer technology in the pharmaceutical branch, but it also proves the high efficiency of our washers even after long years of operating under full load. PTA stands for profitability and trust.”

PTA offers more than 20 years of experience, special expert knowledge and well-planned and proven concepts. It is a well-known and reliable partner for clean room or cleaning systems as well as individually designed systems for the pharmaceutical and food industry. Its innovative products, engineered to meet the high requirements of the industry concerning purity and process efficiency, set quality and technology standards – “made in Germany”.

PTA- experienced specialist for clean room technology in the pharmaceutical and food industry

Its more than 20 years of operating experience rendered PTA GmbH ( one of the leading suppliers for clean room technology worldwide. PTA epitomizes precision, reliability and customer proximity. Our intelligent and innovative concepts are based on economic and efficient thinking, which makes us a perfect partner for your company. Over the years, PTA has gained trust and first-class references from well-known national and international institutes and companies of the pharmaceutical industry. PTA’s large production range combines functionality, efficiency and precision with excellent protection properties. It includes for example weighing cabins, safety workbenches, filter systems, laminar flow systems, washers and cleaning cabins. All products are individually engineered according to the quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001:2000) to meet the requirements of the production sight. PTA’s clean room and cleaning systems fulfill the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and match the latest regulations, such as FDA and GMP standards. PTA GmbH is part of the Dilg Group ( Owner of the PTA GmbH is Rüdiger Dilg.

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